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Mann Ki Bat

I have added this new page in my web site to answer the unansked few questions in the minds of patients :-

1) Why doctor call us for consultation for so many times ?
2) Why complications happen even though I am going for consultation so regularly.
3) Who is responsible for my complications


My dear friends your questions are genuine and the answer is equally difficult, still will try answer it.

The pregnancy and all hospital procedures itself are very complicated, needs lot of intricate things. Human body is very strange, so also is the medicine branch.

In pregnancy your body is undergoing tremendous changes. Your whole body has to do a lot of extra work. Many things happen all of a sudden. Mother and baby both try to keep pace with the changing demands but sometimes they can't. Then complications happen, nobody is responsible for that neither mother nor baby, now the doctor. It’s a changing physiology which becomes pathological at times. So have faith in your doctor? Be ready for everything.

Because getting baby is challenging job that is why we call you for check up so many times, so that we can pic up any upcoming complication.

In the changing life style with more of sedentary work not much physical work, preserved food don’t expect everyone to be delivered vaginally which you call a normal delive. Our body has changed. We don’t want mentally or physically challenged baby. Our aim is safe delivery and health mother and baby.

Common Complications during pregnancy

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Preclampsia
  • Preterm Labour
  • Pregnancy Loss

All above complications do not occur due to negligence of either doctor or patient. Also doctor cannot predict which complications will happen or not, we just need to be alert all the time.

  1. Blood pressure rises in some patients in pregnancy because, as a compensatory response to give more nutrition to baby. Mother body do not have enough backup system to bear changes occurring in pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy itself is a sort of diabetic status to give more glucose to baby. In some patients the pressure is at fault so by DM developes. Most of the time it settles after delivery.
  3. Nobody has control over the pre-eclampsia (High BP + Headache). So we just cannot do anything to prevent it.
  4. Many reasons for it like.

    Abnormal baby, abnormal uterine shape, infections etc. but nobody can predict it.

  5. Only few losses we can prevent not all. Genetic causes are not in our control, few anatomical defects we can correct not all.

So, to conclude believe in your doctor , she is always there to treat, prevent the complications whenever can be done. But everything is not in our control.

Life Threatening Complications In Pregnency

Many a times certain things happen all of a sudden. Even doctor or patient and relatives are not in a condition to explaning the things. Because certain diseases are so sudden in appearance and life threatening its like a night mere. Let me explain you a few.


Bleeding during pregnancy, at the time of deliver, few days after deliver called as APH and PPH are dreadful. We cannot prevent it. It happens without signals and it don’t give you time to treat.

What is in your hand

Raise your HB to minimum 12gm, so that even if PPH happens doctor has the little time to arrange the things during deliver only in the hospital setup keep at least two donors of your blood group ready to bleed at one time. In this case sometimes hysterectomy mug is needed.

Problem with Placenta

Placenta, Praevia, Accreta, Retrained Placenta needs mindful times. You have no control over it.

Pregnency Induced Hypertenion

Especially Colombia, HELLP needs ICV management. We cannot prevent it.

Pulmonary Embolism, DvT Ammo Fluid Embolism

It happens all of a sudden at the labour room, when patient is taking pains or in the room on day 3 or 4 post delivery. Prompt may save mother. Mentioned mortality is 96%.


Prompt treatment may prevent you in few cases not all.

Sudden death of baby in Uterus

Mostly cord around neck, abnormal baby itself sudden in dmptis cause.

We do not tell you about all these complications in pregnancy because otherwise you will lose the beauty and happiness of child birth. But we have all the time in mind all the complications. That is why there is ANL care throughout nine months, so monitoring in labor room so strict. Be Prepared, Be ready

All The Best